Catarina Gonçalves
Catarina Gonçalves


Sinto que hoje novamente embarco
Para as grandes aventuras,
Passam no ar palavras obscuras
E o meu desejo canta —- por isso marco
Nos meus sentidos a imagem desta hora.

Sonoro e profundo
Aquele mundo
Que eu sonhara e perdera
O peso dos meus gestos.

E dormem mil gestos nos meus dedos.

Desligadas dos círculos funestos
Das mentiras alheias,
Finalmente solitárias,
As minhas mãos estão cheias
De expectativa e de segredos
Como os negros arvoredos
Que baloiçam na noite murmurando.

Ao longe por mim oiço chamando
A voz das coisas que eu sei amar.

E de novo caminho para o mar.

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
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enough of strapless dresses!

With the sunny days come not only the parties until morning, beach days and new passions … but (at least here in Portugal) also the ‘official’ opening of the weddings season! And if there’s a thing that leaves me uninspired is a bride with strapless dress. Maybe it’s a thing of mine, maybe… but all (ok almost all) the Portuguese brides seem to choose a strapless wedding gown! But sorry to say girls, not all can handle such a dress, and it’s a fact that seems alien to many people. About the reasons, I’m confused. Is it to maintaining a cool temperature during the ceremony? lack of advising from a stylist? or is it now a tradition that I’m unaware of? Whatever is the reason I continue to hate this trend! So I made a small selection of other wonderful options, with different silhouettes, necklines and materials that I think gives you character and that ‘wow’ factor!

J.Mendel Bridal Spring 2015
Jenny Packham Bridal Spring 2015
Theia White Bridal Spring 2015
Temperley Bridal Spring 2015
which one is your favorite?
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